Restaurants POS

Enhance productivity through easy-to-use POS system

A POS system allows you to ensure faster and accurate order preparation. The system turns to be very helpful through its connectivity with a display system in kitchen. Thus the orders made and the changes that follow are sent directly to the chef, making the process flow swiftly.

  • A personalized system for every restaurant.
  • Improve Customer experience by taking orders and payments on the table.
  • Ease of access to improve performance.
  • Track your guests and simplify split payments.
  • Easy and fast billing.
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Table Management

Serve your customers efficiently and stay in market for long

With table management system on board, the staff can have a real-time check on tables. They can conveniently handle reservations, arrivals, canceled bookings or no-shows. Not only this, the authorized person can check the table status, orders placed, and can ensure that they are served timely lowering the wait time.

  • Organized view of the floors and tables
  • Real-time track of table status
  • Check the timetable was last attended
  • Assign table to guests with fluency
  • Stay updated with tables that are about to be available

Customers & Mobile

Keep your customers engaged with multiple mobility solutions

This indeed lets you earn the loyalty of your customers. You can enhance your customer’s engagement by allowing them to earn points, and further use them either in your restaurant or at some e-commerce store. Such programs help you retain your customers for longer duration and subsequently help you to sustain in the market for a longer duration.

  • Create a much-focused marketing strategy.
  • Reduce your marketing costs and make them more efficient
  • Avail quick information and special offers for a better experience.
  • Swift and flexible approach to a defined audience.
  • Give them rights to check and use reward points at any given time.
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Staff Management

Decrease the costs and increase the efficiency of your staff

The staff management system allows you in swift roster planning, setting salary codes, and managing the staff hours. It ensures that there’s no day when you have over/below-employed staff for any particular task or the restaurant in whole. You can also check any particular employee’s sales history and work performance till date.

  • Supervise and approve time-registration procedures.
  • More accurate view of staff employed and working hours.
  • Reduced mistakes and costs incurred.
  • Integrate details in one complete system.
  • Analyze staff performance and accordingly plan ahead

Kitchen Management

Prepare your delicious dishes with smart management system

The system helps you in surpassing the risks involved due to miscommunication and avails you the benefit of preparing dishes in comparatively lesser time. It allows the kitchen staff to prepare dishes in perfect order, without sidelining any minute special request or modification.

  • Stay updated with display systems.
  • Two-way communication improves preparation and delivery.
  • Printing stations to have better sequential command.
  • Set up production time for different meals.
  • Channelize the efforts in the kitchen to enhance productivity.
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Features of FeastPlan

We've got a lot of amazing and cool features

Manage restaurant profile

Build and manage your restaurant’s profile to create a long lasting impression in front of your customers.

Access customer information

Have command on vital customer information and further utilize the same to create a better marketing strategy and personalized approach.

Manage multiple table orders

Avail seamless workflow by managing individual table orders irrespective of the floor and improve the productivity of your business.

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Avail self-ordering

Let your customers order by them for quicker response. While you save the time and efforts and utilize them to accomplish tasks.

Manage staff and timing

Manage your employed staff and the time they are investing. With this, you can prevent over the employment of your valuable resources.

Real-time alerts

Keep yourself updated with real-time alerts and learn about the pending orders, delivered, and the tables which are about to get free.

Why FeastPlan

We've got a lot of features, here are some more

Smarter approach to business

Let your business expand with your smarter approach to business. The application allows you to build a more defined workflow of your business.

Enhance your skills and results

FeastPlan gives you sufficient time and space to excavate and learn better ways to grow your skills and expertise.

Save time and efforts

With the help of mobility solution, you can ensure the smooth flow of work without wasting your time and efforts.

Surpass the market obstacles

Once you adopt the technology, you have created an entirely different space in the market. This will eventually allow you to surpass the market obstacles.

Build a distinct Image

Take a step ahead of your competitors and let your customers see the distinct traits you have and earn their loyalty.

Avail personalized experience

Give your users a personalized experience by allowing them command on what they order and when they receive it.

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